Kismet's Beatrix Kiddo
AKC # NP09910203 • UKC # P447-247
Born 6/10/05
CERF • BAER • OFA Patellas Normal

Bebe is awarded Reserve Winners Bitch on 9/27/09
Thank you Mrs. Gloria L Geringer!

Line up for Winners Bitch under Mrs. Judith V Daniels

Bebe showing at the Richland Kennel Club, Sept. 26 2009
Judge Mrs. Judith V Daniels

BeBe is soaking up the attention from Levi

A boy and his dog...
Levi and BeBe

BeBe was entered in a fun match sprint race hosted by the Volcano View Rat Terrier Club
on October 7, 2007
Her course time (with hurdles) was 8.54 seconds, beating out her mother Bonnie

BeBe at 1 yr 8 mo old

I am very pleased with how well BeBe has turned out. She is very correct in structure with more substance that my other girls. Definately an improvement in my breeding program. Her sire "Brody" can be found at SunGlo Bostons

Bebe at 10 months old
Nationals, April 2006

BeBe weighs in at 13.8 lbs at 9 months old

Beatrix at 8 months
February 10, 2006

Beatrix 8 mo

Beatrix 8 mo

Beatrix 7 mo

Beatrix 7 mo in Obedience class

Beatrix at 14 weeks

Beatrix at 4 months

Beatrix at 4 months

Beatrix at 14 wks old

Beatrix at 14 wks

Beatrix admiring her reflection

Beatrix at 10 wks old

Beatrix at 10 wks

Beatrix at 7 wks old

Beatrix at 7 wks

Beatrix at 5 wks old

Beatrix at 5 wks

Beatrix at 3 wks old

Beatrix at 3 wks

Beatrix 3 wks old

Fat little pups @ 3 wks

Beatrix 2 wks old

Beatrix @ 1 wk

Newborns; female 1 6.5 oz, female 2 6.8 oz, male 7.5 oz

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