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A special thank you to Karen Frenette for this beautiful portrait of Buddy

Buddy was laid to rest on December 10, 2010.
He has a very special place in my heart and will always be remembered for the special boy that he was

Giddy up!
Levi 18 mo

Buddy, 9 years and Levi, 9 mo

To see some photos from 10/13/07 please click here

Health Clearances 3/8/04
OFA Hips Fair, Elbows & Patellas Normal
OFA Cardiac Clear OFA Thyroid Normal

Buddy on April 19th
Photo & Collar by Lara Hall LJ's Beadwork.com

Ahh the life of a Super Dog
Buddy tries very hard to fit into the Boston bed

Buddy earns his U-AGI title on October 17th, 2004
This makes him UKC's 11th SUPER DOG!


D.O.B.: 04/16/98

Height: 22.5" at point of shoulder

Weight: 72.5 lbs at 6 yrs

Bred By: Heron Falls Kennel / Melanie Mills

Call Name: "Buddy"

Improving with age...
Buddy at almost 6 years old

Photo Matt Bobbitt

Buddy, December 2003

What Do All Those Titles Mean?

I have been fortunate to have had a good working partner in a dog who is willing to do the things that I ask of him.

UAGI means United Agility I (One) and this is the first level agility title. Dogs must negotiate a timed course which consists of 13 obstacles; six non-hurdle obstacles and six hurdle obstacles, and the pause table. The course may vary in length from 120 to 200 yards. Dogs must score a 170/200 or higher to qualify. Three qualifying scores earns you the title.

UCD means "United Companion Dog" and is the first level obedience title. Exercises that must be performed are "Honor" - the dog does a down-stay while another dog heels with their person in the same ring. "Heel on Leash and Figure 8" - the dog does a heeling pattern on-leash and a figure 8 around two people also on-leash. "Stand for Examination" - you stand your dog and leave them while the judge comes over and touches the head, shoulders and back of the dog. You return to your dog. The dog must remain stationary the whole time. "Heel Off Leash" is the same heeling pattern as above but is done off-leash. "Recall Over High Jump" in this exercise you sit and leave your dog and walk to the other side of the ring. There is a jump between you and your dog. When you call your dog they must come over the jump to a sit right in front of you. When asked, the dog will finish to heel position. "Long Sit" this exercise is done with all the other dogs entered in the trial. You sit and leave your dog and walk to the other side of the ring. The dog must stay in a sit next to the other dogs for 1 minute.

UWP means "United Weight Puller" and the dog must pull a % of its body weight three times to earn this one. In our case we pulled on a rail track so Buddy had to pull at 10x his body weight three different times to qualify.

GRCH means "Grand Champion" and is a conformation title. After a dog earns the Champion title they then compete against other champions. You must earn 5 wins from the Champion class (with a minimum of three champions entered) to earn the Grand Champion title.

CGC means Canine Good Citizen. This is a test that was developed with the American Kennel Club to reward dogs that are good 'citizens.' Dogs are tested in 10 areas including obedience and temperament

TT means Temperament Tested. This test is put on by the American Temperament Test Society (atts.org) and tests a dogs stability in many areas from everything to friendly stranger to aggressive stranger. Also covers strange footing and distractions like an umbrella opening in front of the dog and a series of gunshots. The dogs are judged on their reactions and how well they recover from the things that might startle them.

Buddy earns his last leg to UCD on 4/6/03!

Photos Shana Bobbitt
Buddy in October of 2002
Four and a half years young

Buddy at about 2 yrsBuddy at 4 yrs
Photo by Valerie Piltz

Buddy and his sire, Music in 2002
Buddy is 4 and Music is 6 years old
Thanks to Omer Owen for the photo!

Headstudy of my boy, November 2001
Tyson Kopfer, photo

Buddy at 9 1/2 months
Buddy at 9 1/2 months
Photo S. Blumenberg

Buddy in the conformation ring
purebredpuppy.com photo

Obedience Trial Photos




Novice Puppy Wins
7/25/98Chrystyne GettmanBest Male Puppy (7)
8/22/98Dina SanchezBOB Puppy
8/23/98Fred LantingBOB Puppy (4), BIS Puppy
8/23/98June PaskoBOB Puppy, BIS Puppy
8/29/98Susan NikkelBOB Puppy (10)
8/30/98Carol Gaines-StephensBOB Puppy (7)
8/30/98Gary Stephens Sr.BOB Puppy (6), BIS Puppy

Showing Towards Championship
early 1999Sandra DrakeClass Win
early 1999Thomas TracyBest Of Winners
4/3/99John DavidsonBest Of Winners
5/15/99John DavidsonBest Male

Showing Towards Grand Championship
7/25/99Debbie CurtisCH (14), BOB, BIS
9/17/00Betty UmbertoCH (14)
2/17/01Sandy SaucedaCH (21)
2/18/01Mary HappelRes. CH (21)
3/3/01Sandy ComerCH (16)
4/7/01John DavidsonRes. CH (10)
7/7/01Thomas TracyRes. CH (9)
7/19/03Dennis BlickenstaffCH, BOB, RBIMBS

To see puppies that Buddy has sired, please visit Smiley Face Kennels

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Happy Birthday Buddy!
April 16th, 2004 was his 6th birthday

Puppies that my pit bull "Buddy" sired

1st litter Buddy X D.D. born 4/9/01
Breeder on record: Cheryl Caragan and JD Baird

'PR' Caragan Kismet B.J.
Owned by Steven Moore

'PR' Caragan SFK Kismet Up In Smoke CGC DNA-P
Owned by Elissa Bradford

'PR' Caragan's Kismet Ballin' Bandit
Owned by Heather Leverett

'PR' Caragan's Kismet Buttar-Up Sadie
Owned by Scott Butters

'PR' Caragan's SFK Diablo Red
Owned by Miguel & Sarah Ruiz

2nd litter Buddy x D.D. born 3/16/02
Breeder on record: Jerald & Tiffany Baird

'PR' SFK Kismet Foxy Roxy
Owned by Heather Leverett

'PR' SFK Kismet Midnight Sun-Rise CGC
Owned by Tonya Westbrooks

'PR' SFK Kismet Nobody's Business
Owned by James & Jan Richardson

'PR' Smiley Face's Charlie Girl
Owned by JD & Tiffany Baird

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