In Loving Memory

Kismet's Beatrix Kiddo
6/10/05 - 2/14/18

UAGI UWP CH Kismet Joham's Princess Leia CGC TT
8/28/01 - 8/9/14

UWP CH Kismet's Jazz Box Bonnie TT
8/20/03 - 10/6/11

UAGI UCD UWP GRCH 'PR' Heron Falls Risky Business CGC TT
4/16/98 - 12/10/10

UWP CH 'PR' Preacher's Exclusive Enzo CGC TT
4/30/2003 -

(Bay Brandy x Indian Magic GG)
4/27/1985 ~ 10/24/2006
Lost from Colic (Torsion)

Dee (or Deeters, Deefers, Deedrum) was special to everyone who knew her. I am heartbroken to have lost her.

Don't cry for the horses that life has set free,
they are ours as a gift, but never to keep.
Don't cry for the horses, they will be back someday,
when our time has come, they will show us the way.

(Elijah Ibn Ferika x JA Sebrafzel)
3/28/1974 ~ 10/1989
Lost from Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Natasha was my introduction to the Arabian breed and my family's first registered horse.
She took me on the ride of my life when I was nine, we rounded the corner of the yard and came face to face with the jousting track. Natasha did what she did best, run that track as fast as she could. She and my father jousted and won many competitions, thanks to her speed and his skill. (Jousting is the official sport of Maryland).
She will always hold a special place in my heart.