[UKC] UWP CH Joham's Princess Leia CGC DNA-P
AKC/UKC Registered, BAER normal hearing, CERF clear
OFA Patellas Normal, Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Cardiac Clear (cardiologist)
CHIC #15632

4 generations of Joham's Bostons
L to R: Corky, Wannabe, Missy, Daisy

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents 4th Generation 5th Geneneration
Doc Holiday V
NM701113/01 Black Brindle & White DNA #V221405
Michael's Mugsie Malone
NM626893/04 Brindle & White
Ch. Happy-O Prince O' Pals
NM500516/05 Black Brindle & White
BISS Ch. Beacon's Buddy Of Apogee
NM327089/01 Seal Brindle & White DNA #V72711
BIS Ch. Do-Go George's Buddy of Rudy
NT034463 Black Brindle & White
Ch. Beacon's Tiny Darling
NT315451 Seal Brindle & White
Ch. Happy-O Merry Puppins
NM282011/02 Black Brindle & White
Ch. Pat-Ed's Top Shelf King Louy
NT457650 Black Brindle & White
Happy O Dandy Bit O Mischief
NT368470 Black Brindle & White
Princess Anastasia III
NM510684/01 Brindle & White
Top Brass's Billy Joe
NM436447/01 Seal Brindle & White
B Y's Flashaway Bobby Joe
NT657146 Black Brindle & White
Top Brass's Mo-Joe Magic
NM228038/02 Black Brindle & White
Bys Rockroyal Kingston Rose
NM331820/02 Brindle & White
Bys Rockroyal Edward Wm
NM262448/01 Brindle & White
B-Y's Rockroyal Piece A Gold
NT663893 Brindle & White
Our Lil Josie
NM570655/01 Black Brindle & White
Lord Nicholas Fidella
NM293830/02 Black & White
Tad The Tank
NT032231 Black & White
Lewis Little Gun Smoke Billy
NS691607 Black Brindle & White
Can-Can II
NS691377 Black & White
Lady Victoria of CC Valley
NT553834 Black Brindle & White
Elam's Bayou Junkyard Jo-Pa
NT194812 Black Brindle & White
Lady Victoria XVI
NT195288 Black & White
Lady Alexandra Fidella
NT580434 Seal & White
Max A Million XXX
NT249421 Seal & White
Rockwell's Maxwell's Fritz
NS874518 Black & White
NS812726 Black Brindle & White
Cadys Classi Of Renton Wash
NT018982 Black Brindle & White
Ch. Chahary's Cezar Of Hogarth
NS435476 Seal Brindle & White
Cadys Buffy Of Renton Wash
NS805659 Black & White
Joham's I Wannabe A Daisy
NM861127/02 Black Brindle & White
Sunglo's Fly High Miracle Man
NM763999/01 Black & White DNA #V71418
Sunglo Whr'dya Getthoz Peepers
NM438701/03 Black & White
Ch. Hi-Stiles Montana Cowboy
NT160265 Black & White
Ch Hi-Stiles Royale Robert
NS353423 Black & White
Hi-Stiles Miss Arizona
NT043203 Black & White
Sunglo Radiant Image Ofsally
NT506067 Brindle & White
Ch. Dorrhaus Rootn Tootn Cowboy
NS981762 Black Brindle & White
Ch. Tambo's Rambling Sallye
NT033608 Black Brindle & White
Sunglo's Fiesty Flying Gal
NM503023/04 Brindle & White
Ch. Flying Ford Ranger
NM232073/02 Brindle & White DNA #V43215
Ch. Bo Jamer Of El-Bo's Rudy
NT201291 Black & White
Ch. Gratom Magnolia Ice
NT220120 Seal Black & White
I'm Sunglos Dark-N-Fiesty
NT212178 Black & White
Talone's Thru Thick-N-Thin
NS882644 Black Brindle & White
Sunglo's Hi-Falutin Galaxy
NS633298 Black Brindle & White
Joham's I Wannabe A Corkstir
NM677454/01 Black Brindle & White
Joham's Wannabe of B-Essa
NM571791/02 Black Brindle & White DNA #V71420
Ch. B-Essa's Lord Doofman O'Abba CD
NM445142/03 Black Brindle & White
Andi's High Climber Of Do-Go
NT539169 Black Brindle & White
Ch. Abba's Shea'd Of Perfection
NT379864 Black Brindle & White
Casinos Chrysos Booties
NM282582/01 Black Brown & White
Ch. Fascinating Fancy Jebediah
NT089320 Seal & White
Casinos Sooner The Better
NT624991 Seal Brindle & White
Joham's Freckled Sable
NM435602/03 Black Brindle & White
Flying Ford's Pinto Wagon
NM274273/02 Seal & White
Ch. Sunglo's Best Yet By Rudy
NT212114 Black Brindle & White
Hot Shot's American Doll
NT168859 Black & White
Princess Rose Bud III
NM257186/01 Black Brindle & White
Ch. Bo Jamer Of El-Bo's Rudy
NT201291 Black & White
Wrinkles Little Skeezix Ok
NT469339 Black Brindle & White

Special Thanks to the following people:
Shirley Stiles for the use of Cowboy's photo
Kimberley Bass for the use of Mr. P's photo
Pam Kelton for the use of Joham dogs' photos
Mary Olmstead for the use of Big Guy & Lorena photos
Sandy Wade for the black and whites!

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