By Rabdan x Bint Gamila

RAS Reg. # 86

DOB - May 17, 1917

Color - Chestnut

Height -

Sex - Stallion

Breeder - Royal Agricultural Society

Additional Information:

IBN RABDAN, dark chestnut stallion by Rabdan x Bint Gamila, descended in tail female from the Hadba Enzahiya mare, Venus, imported into Egypt by Khedive Abbas Hilmi II, and in direct male line from Jamil el Kebirel Ashkar, a desert-bred Saklawi Gidran stallion imported into Egypt by Ali Pasha Sherif. A magnificent stallion and remarkable sire who also proved himself as a winning race horse, he is shown here in his youth - a picture which has become a classic in the Arabian horse world. Sire of *Bint Bint Durra, *Fadl, and *Maaroufa, he is extremely influential amoung the pedigrees of recent Egyptian imports as well as horses being bred in Egypt today.

The Pyramid Society: Straight Egyptian
Sheykh Obeyd Foundation

Studbook Reference Volume 1 Page 82

Bint Gamila, Ibn Rabdan's dam