Weight Pull

Buddy's Weight Pull Record
DateWeightWeight PulledSystemBody Weight %RegistryPoints Earned
8-18-0276 lbs940 lbsRail12.37xUKCFirst leg towards UWP
11-29-0276 lbs847 lbsRail11.15xUKC2nd leg towards UWP
11-30-0276 lbs1320 lbsRail17.37xUKCEarns UWP title
12-14-0379 lbs750 lbsSnow9.49xIWPA1st leg towards WD (snow)
1-17-0474 lbs400 lbsSnow5.41xIWPA2nd leg towards WD (snow)
1-18-0474 lbs400 lbsSnow5.41xIWPA3rd leg towards WD (snow)

"Missy" is the first Boston Terrier to earn a Weight Pull title with the United Kennel Club
She currently has 75 pts towards her UWPCH title also

Missy and her small cart built by Sierra Kennels
This cart is 2' x 3' and weighs 55 lbs

Missy's Weight Pull Record
DateWeightWeight PulledSystemBody Weight %RegistryPoints Earned
2-8-0314 lbs350 lbsRail25xUKCFirst leg towards UWP
2-9-0314 lbs470 lbsRail33.57xUKC2nd leg towards UWP
Photo 2
14 lbs280 lbsWheels20xIWPA1st leg towards WDX (wheels)
4-12-0313 lbs510 lbsRail39.23xUKCEarns UWP title
4-13-0313 lbs550 lbsRail42.3xUKC15 pts towards UWPCH
6-07-0314 lbs270 lbsRail19.28xUKCno points
6-08-0313 lbs350 lbsRail26.9xUKC10 pts towards UWPCH
12-14-0315 lbs150 lbsSnow10xIWPA1st leg towards WDX (snow)
1-17-0412 lbs52 lbsSnow4.33xIWPAn/a
1-18-0412 lbs12 lbsSnow1xIWPAn/a
9-4-0412 lbs196 lbsWheels16.33xUKC10 pts towards UWPCH
9-5-0412 lbs276 lbsWheels23xUKC10 pts towards UWPCH
9-6-0412 lbs256 lbsWheels21.33xUKC10 pts towards UWPCH
10-5-0715 lbs255 lbsWheels17xUKC10 pts towards UWPCH
10-6-0714 lbs175 lbsWheels12.5xUKC5 pts towards UWPCH
10-7-0715 lbs175 lbsWheels11.66xUKC5 pts towards UWPCH

Thank you Cindy of CdPits for Missy's new harness!

Bonnie's Weight Pull Record
DateWeightWeight PulledSystemBody Weight %RegistryPoints Earned
9-02-0410 lbs100 lbsWheels10.0xUKCFirst leg towards UWP
9-03-0410 lbs80 lbsWheels8.0xUKC2nd leg towards UWP
9-04-0410 lbs80 lbsWheels8.0xUKCEarns UWP Title
10-5-0712 lbs135 lbsWheels11.25xUKC5 pts towards UWPCH
10-6-0712 lbs95 lbsWheels7.91xUKCn/a
10-7-0712 lbs95 lbsWheels7.91xUKCn/a

BeBe's Weight Pull Record
DateWeightWeight PulledSystemBody Weight %RegistryPoints Earned
10-5-0714 lbs95 lbsWheels6.78xUKCn/a
10-6-0714 lbs55 lbsWheels3.92xUKCn/a
10-7-0714 lbs75 lbsWheels5.35xUKCn/a

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